Why choose Top Clean &Clear

It is no tonix and no alcohol

Chemical we are using is Eco Friendly to Environment and it is no tonix and no alcohol.

Halal Certified for Chemical Use

The Chemical we are using for disinfection and cleaning is Halal.

Safe to Human, Animal & Plants

Chemical we are using is premium chemical and it is safe for human, animal & plants

We care

All the service and order from you, we will donate RM1 as charity to Orphanage house.

Follow SOP to work

During Covid Pandemic, is very important that follow SOP to work. We ensure on follow SOP to work to ensure serve you in safety way

Certified by Sirim & IKM

The chemical we are using for our Disinfection service is certified by Sirim Malaysia & IKM. Check it at our Facebook or customer service =)